Can You Escape From Monster Mansion?

October 5, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Since it is October and we all know that Warren's favorite holiday is coming in a few weeks, I thought it was only appropriate to find something Halloween related. Well, in my search I turned to Kickstarter and as always it comes through with a new campaign called Monster Mansion by Chance Gamer.

Monster Mansion Logo

In this what looks similar to a dungeon crawler, you play a character that along with other players, must escape from the Monster Mansion while fighting zombies (of course), vampires and other creatures of the dark and what would a dungeon crawler be if it did not include finding gold along the way.

Monster Mansion Contents

Of course there are traps and other nasty surprises waiting for the hearty player and if that wasn't enough when you have four or more players (up to 8 in all) you have a secret VIP and assassian player. It is the job of the assassian player to discover the VIP and take them out before they all escape, a nice twist if I do say so myself. Two major points to this game, first you all have to survive to escape, leave a player behind and you all loose the game. Secondly, there is a time limit for how long you have to escape from the Monster Mansion.

Monster Mansion Monsters

Now on one of those dark, windy and stormy nights you and your friends can sit down and make the great escape.

Do you dare try to escape from Monster Mansion?

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