Escape Sharks In Get Bit Second Edition On Kickstarter Soon!

July 23, 2021 by fcostin

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Do you remember back in 2007, there was a card game released by Robot Martini named Get Bit? Players had to escape the predatory clutches of a shark, causing a human frenzy between 2-5 players, competing to stay alive and survive the tank of an eating machine!

Get Bit is now getting a fresh edition, and it is heading over to Kickstarter on the 17th August, with a few tweaks, additions and modernized artwork from Greater Than Games.

Get Bit // Greater Than Games

Players are all unlucky in this game, as everybody is thrown into a pit of man-eating danger! Players will be pit in line with the ferocious shark, however, don't forget - the slowest person in the water is going to get chomped up before they get a chance to react, so players must always be on the ball to ensure they are the fastest in the race for their life.

Using cards, players will reveal a numbered card from their hand which will then showcase where in line they will be sitting, but players must be careful because if there is a scenario where two players play the same number... neither of them will go anywhere. Stay dormant and make friends with a smiley shark would be the main option. Once a player gets bitten, out of fear they will then be propelled to the front of the swimlane.

The game works in lives, giving the fact that humans have four limbs - you can bet your bottom dollar that players will get four chances to be munched upon before they are thrown out of the game. The player who is last and safely planted at the front of the line (regardless of how many limbs they have left), will be the winner.

The previous edition has not been rendered irrelevant either, it has been confirmed that there will be some new pieces to add to the first edition to bring it up to speed, but if you have never dipped into the world of Get Bit, be sure to check out the Kickstarter coming August 17th.

Did you play the first edition of Get Bit?

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