A Dead Fun Christmas Dinner: Free Festive Zombicide Scenario!

December 24, 2021 by fcostin

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Earlier this year, I made the decision of buying Zombicide 2nd Edition. Upgrading from the previous version, what I am delighted about, is the excuse to get the box out time and time again. Due to CMON releasing scenarios consistently throughout the year for free, I was able to pick up my copy from the shelf a lot more than I would normally.

Given the fact that it is Christmas Eve, CMON has released a new Christmas-themed scenario: to get those surrounded in the undead a little bit of festive spirit!

Ultimate Christmas Dinner - Zombicide

The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Scenario // Zombicide 2nd Edition

Our Zombicide survivors deserve to eat, drink and be merry this Christmas. Well, to sit around a table and pig out ever some festive cheer. A slight reminder that they are wearing a meat-suit coveted to the hungry walking dead, to appreciate their health in a holiday meal.

Gathering some good for the feast, players must head outside on the hunt or a frozen turkey, a bag of rice and some canned food. However, as you know as much as I do, there are dangers awaiting the festive streets, players will need to get in, get their munch and get out before they become the focal point of a zombie Christmas dinner.

The difficulty is at a Medium level for this scenario, providing some special rules for the Christmas quest for the Ultimate Christmas Dinner.

There is a bank of different Zombicide scenarios available, free to download, whether you are looking to head to an extra hard challenge or a Halloween-themed adventure. If you get Zombicide 2nd Edition for Christmas, be sure to head over to CMON - it’ll be a long time before you run out of content!

Have you played any festive-themed scenarios in the lead up to Christmas this year? 

"The difficulty is at a Medium level for this scenario, providing some special rules for the Christmas quest..."

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