Evolve An Aquatic Utopia In Oceans, Now On Kickstarter

April 3, 2019 by cassn

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North Star Games have finally brought their long-awaited engine-building game Oceans to Kickstarter. This stand-alone game is part of North Star's Evolution series of boards games - famed for their intricate artwork, easy rules, and deep strategic opportunities.


In Oceans, players create a vibrant web of marine life developing through thousands of years of evolution. At the beginning of the game, the only food source in existence is plankton, however, throughout the game, you will create and evolve species to navigate their ecosystem, providing them with helpful combinations of traits and encouraging their population to thrive.


Traits can be gained and lost and, despite your best efforts, some species will inevitably go extinct through natural selection. The diversity of traits enables thousands of variations of species to exist, each enacting with the environment in a different way - from the dreaded apex predator to the passive scavenger.


Oceans also features another area of the game: The Deep. This additional play will contain at least 50 unique traits which will boost the power, uniqueness, and strangeness of evolutionary species. There are also tons of stretch goals being unlocked, including new permanent foiled Deep cards!


Oceans is a really exciting strategy game which has been on the OnTabletop radar for a while - indeed we recently featured Oceans artist Catherine Hamilton as one of our Women to Watch in 2019. So if you like when games get deep, swim on over and add your pledge to the Oceans Kickstarter now.

Did you know that whales have bellybuttons?! Leave your most interesting ocean fact below! 

"Create a vibrant web of marine life developing through thousands of years of evolution!"

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