Exclusive Look At Dwarf King’s Quest Dungeon Tiles!

July 18, 2014 by brennon

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Master Mantic has sent scouts into the deepest depths of the mountain to pave the way for the Dwarf King's Quest, another entry in the mighty Dungeon Sagas. See what wondrous sights they witnessed down within the mountain halls.

In other words - check out this exclusive look at these tiles for the game!

Forge Room

Treasure Room

First up we have a look at some tiles that might appear a little familiar to you. They look like they're based on the old tiles you would have seen in Dwarf King's Hold but they've been spruced up to make them look a lot more dynamic and indeed three dimensional (even though they're not of course!). It has a great semi-realistic look to it that makes you think you're looking down on a video game instead.

Banshee Room


As well as the tiles we've seen in the past we have some new ones that include the Banshee Boss Room (yes you heard right, a boss room for a banshee!). The Banshee is called Elshara and will no doubt be screaming her way around the dungeon looking to frighten the heroes into leaving.

Below that we have a neat outdoors tile which shows a dried up lake or river section with a small harbour area for trading out of the Dwarf King's Hold I assume. When it comes to exactly what the tiles are made of if you're a fan of Descent then you'll be pleased to know they are on some very sturdy tick card. Nice and durable.



Earlier in the week we also looked at two of the sketches for the new heroes in Dwarf King's Quest. Orlaf and Madriga both look brilliant and I love that they've taken a bit of the Diablo-esque Barbarian into account when making Orlaf. Madriga is of course awesome too but she's an Elf and I think what we really want to see is the Dwarf hero right?

While all the Mantic Kickstarters have been good I think this is the one that might get the most of my attention. I love Fantasy and I love dungeon crawlers so I think this deserves a lot of anticipation!

Can't wait for this one Mantic!

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