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November 9, 2020 by brennon

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Escape The Dark Castle and Escape The Dark Sector are two of our favourite games here at OnTableTop and so we're thrilled to see that Themeborne has come back to Kickstarter with a new project to Expand The Universe with three new Mission Packs to add into your Dark Sci-Fi tabletop fun.

Escape The Dark Sector - Themeborne

Escape The Dark Sector // Themeborne

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

If you're new to Escape The Dark Sector then we have a few handy videos which might be worth checking out. We have an interview with one of the creative team at Themeborne...

What's New From Themeborne's Escape The Dark Series?

...and we also have a full Let's Play of the core Escape The Dark Sector experience which you can watch below!

Let's Play: Escape The Dark Sector

The game is a lot of fun and the new mechanics that they threw into the mix for ranged combat and such to match the Sci-Fi setting really took the game to a new level.

New Escape The Dark Sector Mission Packs

The same goes for the new Mission Packs which are available as part of this Kickstarter. The first of these is Twisted Tech.

Mission Pack 1 Twisted Tech - Themeborne

Mission Pack 1: Twisted Tech // Themeborne

In Twisted Tech you'll get a new boss to face off against who is an evil uber-genius and battle against some terrifying new space terrors. You'll also have new ammo dice to match new weapons and cybernetics plus a Tech Die which feeds into specific scenarios. This set also introduces Tactical Drone Selection which means that you've got a little more aid when undertaking your missions!

You can also pick up Mutant Syndrome.

Mission Pack 2 Mutant Syndrome - Themeborne

Mission Pack 2: Mutant Syndrome // Themeborne

Much like with the previous pack you'll find a new Alpha-Mutant Boss to tackle but you'll have new alien crew members to call on and a bunch of new items to use. However, there is also a flare of the mutated about this expansion with the new Mutation Die that can affect your crew. Warped body parts might offer both positive and negative results!

Finally, we have the third Mission Pack called Quantum Rift.

Mission Pack 3 Quantum Rift - Themeborne

Mission Pack 3: Quantum Rift // Themeborne

A new boss and more are available in this pack allowing you the ability to customise your team and the challenges they face but the big twist in this set is the new Time Die and Time Travel mechanics. Maybe you fancy flinging yourself through rifts in time to face off against threats from the distant past?

This all sounds very cool indeed and I like that everything can be played as individual missions and scenarios before being folded into the full game so that anything could happen!

The Collector's Box

This Kickstarter also offers up The Collector's Box which is a way to store not just the Core Game but also all of its expansions.

The Collectors Box Interior - Themeborne

The Collector's Box Interior // Themeborne

This is an early mock-up of what the interior of the box will look like but it will also provide you with...

  • 4 New Bosses: An array of powerful new foes, each unique and devious
  • 3 New Start Cards: Each offering a choice about how to begin your mission
  • 1 Mech Suit: A powerful, full-body contraption comprising 4 slot's worth of interlocking item cards. This awesome rig grants the wearer immense armour and firepower for a limited time, and at the expense of mobility and tactical flexibility
  • 2 New Starting Weapons: Alien sidearms with variable-ammo functionality
  • 4 Ammo Dice: To ensure you have enough on hand for the full arsenal the game offers
  • 4 Health Trackers with Cubes: A reusable alternative to the medical record pads
  • 1 Dice Bag: Store all the game’s beautiful dice and tokens in one satisfying pouch
  • 1 “Acting Captain” Card: Used to help keep track of who is leading the crew into each chapter

So, if you want to really dive deep into Escape The Dark Sector then this seems like a pretty fitting way to do so. It has also been designed to slot perfectly into the Kallax shelving from IKEA which will make plenty of collectors very happy no doubt.

What do you make of this new campaign?

"I like that everything can be played as individual missions and scenarios before being folded into the full game so that anything could happen!"

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