Experience Eastern Wonder & Golems With New Century Titles

February 6, 2018 by brennon

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Century: Spice Road, was a pretty big hit last year from Plan B Games. They are looking to expand upon the series this year with Eastern Wonders and also the arrival of a Fantasy spin on their first title too.

Century - Eastern Wonders

In Eastern Wonders, the team will be bringing some new mechanics and options to the tabletop for the Century series. You will of course still be building and expanding on your trade routes once again with this game, trying to be the most profitable empire out there.

Century - Eastern Wonders (Contents)

The game itself is very simple and easy to learn, in fact you can download the two-page rules for the game right HERE and learn more about it. In true Euro fashion, there are plenty of cubes for you to trade around for goods, working out the way to make the most profit, all whilst delving into the deck-building side of things too.

This new game plays with between two and four players, with a game taking around thirty to forty minutes making it one of those games you could play a couple of times in an evening. Watch out for the game's release June 13th at Origins.

Century: Golem Edition

Plan B Games are also going to be making their Golem Edition of the original game available on their webstore soon too.

Century - Golem Edition

This version of the game saw the Historical theme replaced with a Fantasy one, and instead of spices, you were trading gems and crystals in order to wake up mighty Golems. The artwork looks stunning for this, and if the Historical theme didn't catch your attention this might!

You will be able to get your hands on this version of the game during the second quarter of 2018.

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"In true Euro fashion, there are plenty of cubes for you to trade..."

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