Fantasy Flight Relaunch Wiz-War

December 28, 2011 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games are have previewed their upcoming relaunch of Wiz-War, the board game in which you take on the role of a wizard going after the treasures of other wizards.

"Players each control a wizard and begin the game with two treasures near their home base, which they must shield fromthe greedy clutches of competing wizards. The first wizard to score two points wins, and wizards score points by haulingopposing wizards’ treasures back to their bases, or by eliminating their opposition via an onslaught of fireballs, psychicstorms, blasts of zot!, and other magical might. Of course, if you’re the last wizard standing, victory is yours." - Fantasy Flight Games

As well as letting you cast spells of elemental destruction, Fantasy Flight are adding options to allow you transform yourself into different creatures, or even to give yourself some mutations to give yourself some lasting bonuses.

Will any of you pick this up? Have any of you played the original game? How do you think this will compare?

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