Become A Fantasy Peddler In Merchants Of The Dark Road

December 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Merchants do not get enough glory in my opinion. Imagine dragging along a wealth of goods along a dark and fearsome fantasy path. We take advantage of our peddlers, forgetting that they too have to make their way across every dark corner to deliver their esteemed hero customers the newest wares from around the fantastical map.

Merchants of the Dark Road from Elf Creek Games will be released here in the UK by the close of 2021, and players take on the role of travelling merchants who are brave enough to take the treacherous road ahead, to deliver the goods to their next job.

Merchants of the Dark Road - Game Box

Merchants of the Dark Road // Elf Creek Games

Merchants of the Dark Road from Elf Creek Games was an absolute success on Kickstarter, but players outside of a pledge will be able to travel the dark and fearsome streets as the title is heading to retail.

Merchants - Player Board

Merchant Player Board // Merchants of the Dark Road

The worker-placement mechanic will send players far and wide to stock up their caravans with a wealth of worldly goods from the big city, where they head off into the dark and dangerous to isolated villages across the map.

As you imagine, I would not be describing these roads as “perilous” or “dark and dangerous” without good reason! Players will need to be prepared and armed for battle when heading off onto the Dark Road, with the chance for players to get ambushed on the tracks by bandits and monsters in search of some classic fantasy chaos.

Merchants of the Dark Road - Cards

But, players do not have to go off into the magic journey alone. Whilst wielding weapons, armour and other whimsical and fantastical goods in the confides of your van, players will get some company with a magical beast by their side. Such as a Snow Bee, Ice Mouse, Cave Dragon and a Pheonix on the side to ensure the magical cargo is getting delivered plus some bonuses along the way for the magical collaboration!

The player with the most money in their caravan before the close of the game will be announced as the winner.

Although you can get your hands on the title online, especially if you are in the states or are looking to get it imported. However, your friendly neighbourhood gaming stores are sure to be stocked up by January 2022.

Do you have what it takes to stand in the way of a hero and their equipment!?

"There is a chance for players to get ambushed on the road by bandits and monsters in search of some classic fantasy chaos...."

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