Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

August 12, 2017 by dignity

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Join us for another awesome Weekender where we have Warren joined by Az, Justin AND Ben in the studio rather than floating as a disembodied head!

Weekender: Learning Farmer's Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

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We've got a lot to get stuck into so without further ado let's dive in.


Firstly we have some updates as there will be No Weekender next week as Justin, Ben Dawn & Gianna are away at Gen Con covering this massive gaming event with a series of Live Blogs.

If you missed it this week we also had Dunkirk Week where you could follow along as we planned out gaming opportunities and discovered the history behind Dunkirk with oriskany and avernos from the website.

Last but not least we also have Firestorm: Red Thunder, a Team Yankee Online Campaign kicking off this weekend alongside Battlefront allowing you to fight out a war that never was during the Cold War Gone Hot!

News Time

We then delve into the news from this week looking at some morsels that caught our eye...

...if anything else caught your eye make sure to keep an eye out for the Weekender XLBS tomorrow for more news, and comment below with your own thoughts.

Farmer's Guild Tactical Chat

We were able to sit down with the folks from Steamforged Games to talk about some tips and tactics for the Farmer's Guild who came out recently.

If you have any favourite ways to use them on the tabletop let us know!


We now focus in on some Kickstarters for you to check out.

  • US-IMP 15/28mm Sci-Fi Vehicles - Antenociti's Workshop show off some of their new designs for a range of stunning vehicles.
  • Bones 4 Kickstarter - If you want a mass of new models for your role-playing games check out this collection from Reaper Miniatures.
  • Cthulhu Wars Onslaught III - Expand on your Cthulhu Wars collection or pick up the base game and more for you to delve into.

Did any of these projects tickle your wallet?

We hope you have a great weekend!

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