Fight Climate Change In Matt Leacock’s Daybreak Board Game

September 23, 2022 by brennon

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CMYK, Matt Leacock (creator of Pandemic) and Matteo Menapace are now on BackerKit with a board game focused on fighting climate change.

Daybreak Cover - CMYK

Daybreak Cover // CMYK

Daybreak is inspired by engine-building games like Wingspan and Terraforming Mars and has you taking on the role of leaders of world powers who are trying to reach zero emissions before the globe gets too hot!

Whilst you will begin the game creating lots and lots of pollution, you will spend your time throughout the game switching over your energy sources and attempting to combat the way global warming is affecting the planet. Each country will play very differently and have its own tasks to deal with. So, playing as each country will feel like a different challenge when you sit down to play.

Daybreak Components - CMYK

Daybreak Components // CMYK

As well as trying to work on keeping your energy creation in check, you'll also be dealing with crisis cards which are drawn as the world warms. These will throw interesting twists into the mix and will have you thinking on your feet.

Daybreak Overview // Matt Leacock

As you might have guessed, a game about climate change is going to be built out of sustainable components. There is no plastic and no textiles in the game and it is 100%  FSC certified. I do like that the game is properly doubling down on what message it is trying to get across.

Additionally, "for the duration of this campaign, we're donating $1 per backer to leading environmental and climate justice nonprofit organizations" which I think is a classy move.

I am very eager to check this one out. Matt Leacock is a great designer and Matteo Menapace has been working on cooperative games for a while. So, it's a good team! The art also looks wonderful.

Are you tempted to back Daybreak over on BackerKit?

"As you might have guessed, a game about climate change is going to be built out of sustainable components..."

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