Faction Up, Fight For Rule & Reign In Wonderland’s War

April 1, 2022 by fcostin

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Skybound Tabletop is taking players into a new adventure in Wonderland. No, we are not talking about a narrative adventure of painting the roses red, we are talking about the war in Wonderland. As 2-5 players faction up in a battle for rule over the region.

Wonderland's War // Skybound Games

Players will be taking strategy to the table after a successful Kickstarter and pledgees already receiving their goods - the title will be heading to retail on April 20th for all to engage in Wonderland's War. Wonderland is in peril as The Looking Glass has been shattered. Madness has been completely removed from the world, and war is drumming up and about to cause chaos to all across the lands. But first... Cake!

Meeting up at The Hatter's Tea Party, faction leaders have travelled far and wide to strategize for their cause over a nice spot of tea. Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, The Cheshire Cat and Jabberwock will be scheming in hopes to become the new leader. They will be building an army of familiar Wonderlandians, erecting towers, and implementing upgrades before the battle commences. Utilising a bag-building system whilst open-drafting, the game will run over 45-120 minutes depending how many factions want to take the lands for themselves!

Gameplay Preview - Wonderland's War

Gameplay Preview // Wonderland's War

Once the tea is over, war takes charge over the lands - bringing players across wonderland for skirmish. The war is fought over three rounds, by the end, determining who has racked in the most points of destruction to claim the rights to Wonderland. Will it be the rampaging Jabberwock, or the Bloodthirsty Red Queen?

The title is set to head to FLGS stores by the end of the month, with Wonderland's War's release date fast approaching. As I said, the title is already out there in the wild after backers of the Kickstarter campaign have received their copies. With how to plays, unboxings and first impressions videos helping you get a full scope of the game before committing to the title.

Think you have what it takes to reign over Wonderland?

"2-5 players faction up in a battle a for rule over the region..."

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