Fight Internal & External Forces Of Good VS Evil In Virtue

April 16, 2021 by fcostin

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A new board game, Virtue has been announced by Designer Max Robbins and Publisher Dragon Egg Games, which promises to be coming to Kickstarter this year. This cooperative experience of good-vs-evil is set to challenge the constructs of internal conflict, decision making and ultimately shaping who your character and team become. Will they sit take the side of the angels, or will your choices be sways by the demons?

Virtue // Dragon Egg Games

The conflicts that happen inside our brain and the counterbalance of this is certainly an interesting topic to me! I am fascinated by it as a topic in general, so seeing a visual representation of demons vs angels corrupting, morphing our manipulating our influence through a board game is a battle I would like to take part in.

You will strive to live a good life and balance the pursuits that give it meaning. You will quest for internal tranquillity and life-long peace. You will struggle with existential conflict as your angels and demons battle to shape your soul and define your character. You and your fellow man are in this together. Don't let them down.

Each round of the game looks at a particular decade within the player's life - looking at different phases of action, existential conflict and spiritual warfare.

  • Action phase: it is down to the player to choose their path, by cleansing their spirit of the demons that haunt them, have opportunities to enhance their life in pursuits to allow them to gain more abilities and increase their tranquillity which will aid in the strength against demons. This stage is like the psychological preparation for the upcoming chaos coming in the player and the team's direction.
  • Existential Conflict: Several crises are afoot, and players must use their skill and wit to overcome them. This may come in the form of several demons waiting in the wings for an attack with help from the angels to counterbalance. This will equate to new challenges to overcome for the team and preparing you for the final stage of the round.
  • Spiritual Warfare: The outright battle between good and evil, whoever reigns champion will determine the outcome of the next decade of the player's life. Ready for the next round of conflict.

I have recently been helping my best friend by using my magical powers of 'wordomancy'. She is currently writing her essays for her degree in Therapy, and currently looking at the impact and theories on a human's lifespan from both Freud and Erikson. It is beyond fascinating to see the decision-making psyche and our development of positive and negative responsibility, and the crisis we battle in day-to-day life be represented through an upcoming board game.

The Kickstarter will be available this year, and I will certainly be keeping my eyes on it when it has gone live to see what game mechanics will be implemented to complement the complex story.

Are you looking forward to this Kickstarter title?

"Each round of the game looks at a particular decade within the player's life - looking at different phases of action, existential conflict and spiritual warfare. "

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