Final Few Days For Blacklist’s Dire Alliance Horror Kickstarter

November 12, 2020 by brennon

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If you missed out on it when it first launched, make sure to check out the Dire Alliance: Horror Kickstarter which is both board game and also a massive miniatures collection for use in your horror-filled tabletop experiences by Blacklist Games.

Dire Alliance: Horror Kickstarter Interview

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You can get a lowdown on the campaign in the video above and in our launch article from a few weeks ago but we thought we'd highlight just what you get in terms of miniatures from this campaign right now.

Dire Alliance Minaitures Pledge - Blacklist Games

Dire Alliance Miniatures Pledge // Blacklist Games

As mentioned above, the Miniatures Pledge above can be snapped up separately but it allows you to build on the Dire Alliance board game or simply stock up on the variety of miniatures that you might need for a D&D campaign like Curse Of Strahd.

As well as all of the miniatures previewed above, the campaign has also managed to unlock loads of additional figures too...

Dire Alliance Stretch Goal Miniatures - Blacklist Games

Dire Alliance Stretch Goal Miniatures // Blacklist Games

This dropped in new heroes, non-player characters, monsters and more that you can use to spook your friends with. The folks at Blacklist Games did something similar with the mammoth offering in their Fantasy Kickstarter and it seems the same thing is to be repeated here. Oh, and you can get a massive blob monster!

The Unstoppable Blob - Blacklist Games

The Unstoppable Blob // Blacklist Games

Who could say to a massive Unstoppable Glob? Make sure to dive in and find out more about the Kickstarter and the game behind this range of miniatures too. It has been crafted by some of the most inventive minds in the industry at the moment and it's well worth a look!

Are you going to be diving in on this Kickstarter?

"Who could say to a massive Unstoppable Glob?"

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