Flip Your Way To Victory In Strategic Game Deblockle

December 13, 2018 by cassn

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Deblockle is a really interesting strategic movement game for two players, where symbols dictate the range of movement. Each player has four blocks which they must remove from play by directing them to the star spaces on the board.


Blocks can be moved by first flipping them over one space. By flipping the block over, the player moves a symbol to the top of the block, and this symbol dictates the direction and the number of spaces the block may move in that turn.


Your block must arrive at the star space with the star symbol rolled upwards, otherwise, the block cannot be removed. Be the first to remove all your blocks to be declared the winner!


I really like this as a strategic game - you not only have to consider how to flip your bock to ensure it reaches the goal star-side up but also how each flip will affect your access to the next movement symbol.  You can order yours through the Project Genius website.

Do you like two player strategic games?

"Be the first to remove all your blocks to be declared the winner!"

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