Flock to Fantasy Flight for their Latest Descent Expansion

March 25, 2014 by dracs

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Quoth the raven, "let's play some more." Fantasy Flight Games are once again livening up your games of Descent: Journeys in the Dark with their upcoming expansion. Dare you brave the haunted Manor of Ravens?

Manor of Ravens

In the foothills near Greyhaven there sits a forgotten manor, the haunted residence of the late high mage Ithyndrus. Antique trinkets and artifacts lie within its ever-changing walls, but the ravens that watch the manor are insufficient to discourage treasure hunters and bandits. A new guardian has awoken, and dark forces gather to his aid. Left unchecked, the power and size of this creature will never stop expanding. Its potential is limitless, and it must be stopped.

Manor of Ravens Contents

Manor of Ravens takes your heroes to the dark and creepy confines of a haunted house, filled with ancient and malicious power, and enough ravens to make Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds look like an advertisement for the pleasures of ornithology.

There is plenty here to enhance your games. The Overlord gets all new resources to draw upon, including the lieutenant Skarn, a magical construct composed from the manor itself, and the ability to call down flocks of ravens to attack the heroes no matter where they are.

Manor of Ravens Miniatures

In the meantime two new adventurers have joined the heroes. The warrior Alys Raine appears, ready to bring righteous justice in the form of heavy hammer blows, alongside the scout Thaiden Mistpeak, who's knack for tracking and hunting down a quarry will definitely come in handy.

This new expansion promises a new atmospheric setting for your games, ass well as bringing in enough new developments to ensure that things won't be getting stale any time soon.

Will you be braving the Manor of Ravens?

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