Fluo games… Put the colour back in your gaming !

October 20, 2011 by elromanozo

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It seems japanese inspired designs are all the rage, these days... Whether it's realistic like Bushido, overtly "Mecha" with Heavy Gear, more "Anime" with Infinity and of course Anima Tactics, or even Chibi-like with Super Dungeon Explore... Yet, we have but scratched the surface of what such styles have to offer.

Fluo Games is a new gaming company of passionate yet professional people from France... Supported by their multimedia design school, these graduates from ISART digital are developing an original and visually stunning universe, supported by very cool miniatures indeed!

The storyline says that the white and black gods, Gaïa and Kaos, destroyed themselves in their fight, producing the explosion of colors through which planet Khroma and its world-tree were born... There, tribes of shamanic warriors of the primary and secondary colors fight each other (with noseless troops and paint golems), but only together can they form white mana to defeat the forces of black paint, and the dreaded swamp people...

Check out their background site even if you can't read French, and look at the concept art in the "Galeries" and "Background" sections!

The figurines, by internationally renowned sculptor Rémy Tremblay, are amazing... and the paint-job by star painter Christophe Bauer really makes them look great! The next series will be sculpted by an artist just as well known to miniatures collectors and painters, Stéphane Nguyen...

As of now, their release schedule boasts Totem Party (a card game) and Paint Brawl (a boardgame), available in 2012... But you can buy their first batch of miniatures, "Miniz", directly from their website, or from Fenryll, the well-known (and well... French) company that distributes them!

I find these miniatures endearing, almost like a Chibi version of a cross between Dofus and Avatar... And there is true talent behind this!

But what do you guys think?

Is it something you'd happily follow? Would you like to learn more about the games when they become available?

Would you use those miniatures for something else?

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