Fly Your Fleet To The Red Planet In Exploration From Ply Games

June 14, 2019 by cassn

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The year is 2063, and the colonization of Mars has been an incredible success. Now, private corporations have become involved, funding expeditions to the Red Planet which will prove profitable. As one of these corporations, send out colonization ships and dispatch science expeditions to collect valuable resources, develop new technology, and become a Red Planet mogul in Exploration!


Exploration is a competitive game which blends deck-building and area control mechanics, alongside a unique orbital movement system. Earn points by completing secret missions, gathering resources, and even destroying your competitor's spaceships - sabotaging their missions to further your own cause!


In Exploration, your fleet can consist of a variety of ships - from transports to destroyers, and each type has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Some ships may rely on speed and maneuverability, while others rely on strength or shields. Match your faction's strengths to that of your fleet to gain strategic advantage and rule near-Earth space!


Exploration successfully blends a variety of established mechanics to produce a game about spectacular space exploration which will appeal to fans of the genre. The campaign is fully funded, and the stretch goals include a modular board option and several Kickstarter exclusive cards, so blast off to the pledge page and get exploring now!

If you could pilot any sci-fi spacecraft, which one would you fly? Answers below! #TeamEnterpriseD

"Spectacular space exploration!"

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