Fly To New Heights In Aerion From Z-Man Games

December 19, 2018 by cassn

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Flying at a steady pace, you carefully guide the airship toward your destination. The sun bounces off the sides of your ship as you dip lower and break through the cloud cover. Mountains, waves, and creatures of all shapes and sizes fill the landscape below you. You push forward, landing on the edge of one of the mountains. After checking that your airship has settled, you disembark, curious what the Archonts have summoned you for.


Aerion is the latest addition to the mysterious, dream-like Oniverse from Z-Man Games. Each Oniverse game is designed to be played by one or two players, and feature simple rules and fast gameplay without compromising on strategic mechanics. Previous Oniverse releases have included Onirim, Sylvion, Castellion, and Nautilion.


A solo/co-operative resource management game for 1-2 players, in Aerion your goal is to build six airships and make the most beautiful fleet in the Oniverse.  Roll dice to find the best blueprints, materials, and crew to construct your ships!


Aerion also includes six expansions for replayability, giving you new tasks to complete. Each expansion can be combined with the others, or played individually.


Aerion will be released in Spring 2019 and is currently open for pre-order through Z-Man Games website.

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"Roll dice to find the best blueprints, materials, and crew to construct your ships!"

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