Forge World Unleash The White Dwarf On The Blood Bowl Pitch

June 10, 2017 by brennon

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Forge World are bringing some more characters to the tabletop for you to play when you get stuck into Blood Bowl. Leading the way we have two of my favourite characters they've done for this range so far, Grombrindal & The Black Gobbo.

Grombrindal & Black Gobbo

This pair are now taking their battle to the Blood Bowl pitch with a new Star Player to include with Goblin and Dwarf teams. Humans, Halflings and Norse can also call on the power of Grombrindal while Chaos Renegade, Goblin, Orc or Underworld Denizen can be added into the mix for the Black Gobbo.

You actually don't hire them in the same way as regular Star Players so if you want to pick up these models they should fit in no problem.

Player Slayer

The Dwarfs aren't just getting Grombrindal however as Grim Ironjaw is also joining in the fun with a new model.

Grim Ironjaw

As a Slayer turned player this chap is out for a good old scrap, a perfect excuse to include him in a Blood Bowl team.

"Following a successful first season, Ironjaw spent several years moving from team to team, always striving to move up in the league rankings. After all, as he saw it, the most glorious death to be found on the pitch must surely be at the Blood Bowl itself, facing off against one of the NAF’s most accomplished teams.

In the years since he has yet to compete in the fabled tournament, but with each passing season, his chances are greater and his legend grows ever more impressive. Who knows – maybe this is his year!"

Trollslayers might not be the best tactical choice on the tabletop but when they've lived as long as a Star Player like Ironjaw here, it's worth including him in your roster.

Scampering Seconds

The Skaven are now to be outdone either as Forge World has designed some new players in this Booster Pack which allow you to add some variety to your team.

Skaven Team Booster

Inside this set you will get yourself a pair of resin Gutter Runners, a Thrower, and a Blitzer. Each of them has been posed dynamically to allow you to pick them out on the tabletop easily. Each of these deserves to be getting those Star Player Points!

What do you think of their Blood Bowl offerings?

"Leading the way we have two of my favourite characters they've done for this range so far, Grombrindal & The Black Gobbo..."

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