Forgeborne Go Bounty Hunting In Board Game, Terminus Frontier!

July 9, 2024 by brennon

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Forgeborne Games are a group of awesome creatives who have been working on their project, Terminus Frontier, for four years (with 500-plus hours of playtesting!) and will be bringing it to Kickstarter later this year in 2024. Lock and load then get bounty hunting in this cooperative Sci-Fi campaign board game.

Terminus Frontier - Forgeborne Games

Terminus Frontier // Forgeborne Games

So what is Terminus Frontier? One to four players will dive into tactical squad-combat missions where you become a Drift Hunter. These are elite vigilantes and soldiers of fortune who travel the stars looking for wanted fugitives and collecting bounties. You will do everything you can to get your mark including busting into maximum-security compounds and fighting through waves of deadly foes. All of this is done through impactful, narratively driven missions and an open-world space exploration campaign.

Zealot - Terminus Frontier

Zealot // Terminus Frontier

The game has been inspired by the likes of Gloomhaven/Frosthaven and Kill Team and comes with around 100 hours of gameplay as part of this space odyssey. The story campaign will develop and grow over multiple sessions but actual missions take somewhere between two and three hours depending on what you undertake.

Maverick - Terminus Frontier

Maverick // Terminus Frontier

Terminus Frontier is a cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players featuring tactical squad combat missions, impactful narrative choices, and open-world space exploration. Throughout the campaign, you'll unlock secret content based on your choices and, as with the case with all of these campaign games, you can save your progress between sessions and then jump right back in later on down the line.

Vanguard - Terminus Frontier

Vanguard // Terminus Frontier

Terminus Frontier missions are scenario-based with a clear narrative goal as well as fun action. You will be rescuing hostages and surviving against the odds. Players will decide their activation order (Squad Formation) including their initiative and action points available to them. When a player activates, they will play Skill Cards from their hand to perform actions like moving, shooting, fighting in close combat or adding "permanents" which continue to give you buffs. All combat is also resolved without dice using their Dual Weapon Ammo Deck system.

Operative - Terminus Frontier

Operative // Terminus Frontier

As you can see from the preview images above, the game features some awesome-looking characters which come with excellent miniatures to represent them. I have to say I already really like the look of the Zealot but I could be tempted by the Vanguard too simply by vibes.

Gameplay #1 - Terminus Frontier

Gameplay // Terminus Frontier

The information on the game currently boasts that there are going to be fifty or more highly detailed miniatures and that's awesome but I would also really like there to be the option for the standees in the game so I don't have to do as much painting. I suppose we will have to see how the campaign shakes out when it lands later this year. (Update! I asked the designers and there WILL be a standee option if you'd prefer that over more plastic miniatures)

Gameplay #2 - Terminus Frontier

Gameplay // Terminus Frontier

I like that the game seems like it has plenty of depth to it as well. It's not just a skirmish game and it's not just a campaign-based board game, it's a fun blend of the two. With lots of ways to seemingly vary up your characters, I like that there's depth in your builds for the four characters before even thinking of different heroes being added into the mix.

Gameplay #3 - Terminus Frontier

Gameplay // Terminus Frontier

As mentioned above, Terminus Frontier is going to be coming to Kickstarter later this year. With the work that Forgeborne have put into the development of the game so far and the success of campaign games, I think they might be onto something here. I like the Sci-Fi twist and the fact that you've got that blend of the story-based scenarios and the tactical battles. Dice-less combat is also a major win!

Are you going to be keeping an eye on Terminus Frontier?

"So what is Terminus Frontier? One to four players will dive into tactical squad-combat missions where you become a Drift Hunter..."

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