Form Uneasy Alliances In Horror Game Deranged

April 10, 2019 by cassn

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In Deranged players must survive three days and nights in a city overrun with unrestrained horrors. Battle monsters, rivals, and your own inner demons to emerge four days later, uncursed, as the last facet of humanity in a twisted new world. The game includes deck-building elements, with each player trying to fulfill their own individual objective.

Deranged is scenario-driven, so players have no idea which of them will transform into a monster, or when it will happen. However, once a player becomes deranged, the only way for them to reclaim their humanity is to kill another player.


There is no player elimination, but each death increases the 'doom' level, with curses and negative events happening to either individual players or the group as a whole. Temporary alliances can be useful, but with each player primed to turn on each other at any minute, trust is difficult to earn and dangerous to maintain.

While there are no images of the game released yet, we know the board game will be modular, and miniatures will represent the players in both human and deranged forms. Publisher Hobby World have teased an image of a pin which will be available for purchase at GenCon 2019, where they will be demonstrating Deranged in all its gory glory. Deranged will hopefully be available for general sale at Spiel 2019, so keep an eye out for further information later this year.

Pins are meant to be the big convention collectible this year. What game do you want represented in pin-form?

"Trust is difficult to earn and dangerous to maintain!"

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