The Fox Sisters Climb Aboard Vagrantsong At Gen Con!

July 1, 2022 by fcostin

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It's not even spooky season and I am already talking about spectral hauntings across a Ghost Train! Last year at Gen Con, we saw Vagrantsong highlighted at the Wyrd Games booth. All aboard the steam-powered Silver Ferryman, a group of young Vagrants set out to cooperate across each carriage in hopes of escaping the spectral locomotive.

Vagrantsong - Wyrd

Vagrantsong // Wyrd Games

There will not be anything from the trolley on this journey. Spread across 20+ scenarios, 2-4 players will ignite their special and unique skills to take on and tackle looming ghosts on board.

Wyrd has announced that Vagrantsong is expecting a new ghosty passenger on board, getting on at Gen Con this year. With a new Haint, or three - The Fox Sisters and joining the fray in a new scenario against a worthy boss, and the addition of a new mechanic for ease of gameplay.

Fox Sisters - Vagrantsong

Fox Sisters // Vagrantsong

If you have never heard of The Fox Sisters before, these Mediums were prolific supernatural conversationalists during the 19th Century in America. Although these girls harkened to their gullible audience that they were in continuous conversation with those beyond the veil, they later admitted that the whole ordeal was a hoax. Any 'rappings' that they endured communicating with the other side were nothing but hokum, shattering their reputation and later dying within the next five years.

From beyond the grave in Vagrantsong, The Fox Sisters Scenario will include some new rituals, new Vagrant skills, plus the addition of a new mechanic, Portrait cards which will make the tracking of turns a little easier.

Portrait Cards Preview - Vagrantsong

Portrait Cards Preview // Vagrantsong

"While these cards will be used for a specific reason during this Scenario (and you’ll just have to play it in order to find out!), in every other Scenario, players will be able to use these to track who has taken their turn by simply flipping over their Portrait card once their turn is over. Problem solved." - Wyrd Games

This Fox Sisters Scenario will be released at Gen Con, however, if you are not in attendance you can still get your hands on the newest instalment during the Wyrd Gen Con Online sale for $13.

I, unfortunately, have not been able to get my hands on Vagrantsong just yet, however, it's wonderful to see some expansion in the game especially considering how new it is. However, it's great to see how the game can expand and that it's receiving continued support from Wyrd. A new scenario would fit in great!

Keep your eyes open at Gen Con if you are visiting for the whole host of Wyrd goodies which they always bring along with them! Including the exclusive scenario for the event.

Have you played through Vagrantsong yet?

"'s wonderful to see some expansion in the game especially considering how new it is!"

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