Forage For Fun-Filled Fungi In Wonder Woods

September 5, 2022 by fcostin

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The sun is getting low in the sky and the woods are beginning to get covered in dew as Autumn approaches. Blue Orange Games have now released Wonder Woods for retail. They are inviting players to enjoy a fall-season romp as mycophagists foraging for mushrooms in Wonder Woods.

Wonder Woods - Blue Orange Games

Wonder Woods // Blue Orange Games

This is the perfect time of year for blackberry picking and foraging for herbs, spices and cooking ingredients to bring into your kitchen. Given the stereotypical September downpour of showers, a wide bank of mushrooms has also begun to spring up amongst the crunchy leaves under the canopied silence of Autumn.

Wonder Woods - Featured Image

Card And Components Preview // Wonder Woods

A whole host of different spores have risen and players are setting out to bring home an abundant harvest. Heading off to different mushroom patches within the woodland realm, players will be competing for patches, hoping to pull in some morels for their own harvest. But, with the chance to bring in some girolles, boletes and parasol shrooms too; there's plenty to go around - just make sure you get there first!

Cards Preview - Wonder Woods

Cards Preview // Wonder Woods

Collecting some absolute darling mushroom wooden tokens that are sure to stand out, and would certainly be hoarded around my gaming table, players will need to tally up their collection and findings as soon as two mushroom patches have been cleared and there are no more mushrooms to spawn from that point on the map.

Wonder Woods is already out at retail, and plays relatively quickly. The game supports up to five players and can play in roughly fifteen minutes. Given the game is pitched for ages eight-plus, the title seems like a wonderful adventure for the family that takes little to no time for a session.

When you go picking, be sure to not swag yourself some Deathcaps. The hints in the name, not the stunning colour!

"...players will need to tally up their collection and findings as soon as two mushroom patches have been cleared"

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