The Masterful Gambit Joins FFG’s Marvel: Champions Soon!

October 14, 2022 by brennon

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Another X-Men character joins the fighting in Fantasy Flight Games' Marvel: Champions. The Cajun card-thrower Gambit is going to be rocking up soon for your cooperative card gaming on the tabletop.

Gambit Hero Pack - Marvel Champions

Gambit - Hero Pack // Marvel: Champions

Gambit comes with a pre-made Justice deck for you to give into. He is exceptionally good at being able to thwart the enemy in his Alter-Ego form but that doesn't mean that he isn't going to be a pushover when it comes to combat and dealing with his foes.

One of the key elements of the deck for Gambit is the fact that he can charge his cards. During gameplay, Gambit can charge up his cards and then unleash powerful abilities on the tabletop. The key cards "Charge de Card" and "Throw de Card" are going to be where you need to focus your attention!

Gambit Card Fan - Marvel Champions

Gambit Card Fan // Marvel: Champions

This isn't everything that comes in the Gambit pack though. There is also another set of encounter cards that allow you to add the villainous Exodus into the mix during your games. Who wouldn't want to fight against the Herald Of Magneto?

If you're looking for a solid cooperative card game experience, Marvel: Champions is a solid choice. The cooperative nature of the game is great and it has a well-rounded solo element to it as well. It's also really nice to see a bunch of themed content coming out for the X-Men.

Are you going to be diving into the Gambit Hero Pack when it comes out?

"During gameplay, Gambit can charge up his cards and then unleash powerful abilities on the tabletop..."

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