Pledge Your Allegiance With Game Of Thrones TCG Intro Decks

August 24, 2018 by cassn

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Bend the knee to Fantasy Flight Games, as they make their latest A Game of Thrones: The Card Game announcement.

Wear your sigil and wave your banner with pride as you battle, manipulate, buy, lie, cheat and steal your way to the Iron Throne!

Each deck contains sixty cards, seven pots, a faction card and a copy of the Fealty Agenda.  Fantasy Flight Games have promised that "even veteran players will find plenty to love" in this new release.

The Starks, for example, have cards which focus on not only physical strength but also emotional sacrifice.  While Nymeria may chew off a limb or two of your enemies, Catelyn Stark's heart grows harder as she increases her strength with each death.

The House Targaryen deck (long rule the true Queen of Westeros!!), like the Stark deck, focuses on powerful physical strength and sacrifice.  Use Khal Drogo to clear an opponents board, while the Freedmen lay down their lives to protect their rightful Queen.

And with plot cards like Rebuilding, which allows three cards to be shuffled back into the deck, Daenerys is not only the Mother of dragons, she's also the Queen of resurrection!

House Dorne, on the other hand, is less about brute force and more about skill and manipulation.  Send the Sand Snakes ahead to coerce the challenge phase into a favorable position, then finish off your opponent with the Red Viper's spear.

The Lannisters, conversely, draw their strength from money and cunning.  High intrigue characters like Cersei Lannister and Littlefinger work alongside cards such as the Goldroad which can be used to buy loyalty.

One of the more interesting decks in this release is the Tyrell deck, which obviously has wealth but also a mechanic which allows a knight to bestow power onto a lady of the same House.  Indeed, by using these cards in tandem, The Tyrell introductory deck can be an incredibly powerful deck for a new player.

For those who still swear fealty to the Drowned God, the Ironborn introductory deck features a strong combination of stealth and ambition.  Use Warships like Black Wind and Iron Victory to sail your way to the throne.

Of course, perhaps you are of the belief that the stag sigil that held the Iron Throne has the strongest claim - if so, bend the knee and swear your loyalty to House Baratheon, who value subservience and fealty above all else.  And revel in the uncertainty of Robert's offspring, as cards with the Bastard trait are dispersed throughout the deck.

Finally, for those brothers who lack a home, there is always a place on the wall.  The Night's Watch introductory deck allows players to convince other houses to join the brotherhood, with cards like Take the Black and Now My Watch Begins.

Decks are available through the Fantasy Flight Games website.

Do you play A Game of Thrones: The Card Game?  If so, what House has your loyalty?

"Wear your sigil and wave your banner with pride as you battle, manipulate, buy, lie, cheat and steal your way to the Iron Throne!"

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