Games Workshop Classic ‘The Fury of Dracula’ Goes Digital

November 3, 2021 by fcostin

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The Fury of Dracula has been around, you could say just as established as Dracula himself! Starting all the way back in 1987, held in the past by Games Workshop, moving swiftly into the hands of Fantasy Flight for its second, third and fourth editions. Also landing in the hands of WizKids in the fourth edition, adding some unusual minis in the mix.

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Designed by the iconic Stephen Land combined with the heart and soul of Games Workshop, The Fury of Dracula has gone digital! Being developed and published by Nomad Games, the same people being the Talisman digital translation, brings the fourth edition of the board game to a new digital resurrection has brought the iconic title out to PlayStation and XBOX this Halloween.

“Taking iconic board games and adapting them for digital platforms is something we’ve always excelled at, so we’re very excited to show the world our take on Fury of Dracula!” said Don Whiteford, Managing Director of Nomad Games.

Players will be thrust into the late 19th Century, taking the role of a vampire hunter in seek of the notorious Dracula. Now, Dracula isn't exactly well known for behaving! He is certainly up to no good, with the hopes to build a vicious vampire army to dominate and control Europe. Players must take down the fearsome count before it is too late.

The game is currently out on Steam, Playstation and XBOX. Steam reviews are glowing, showing the translation over from the original medium is in its favour.

Hot potato Fury of Dracula anybody? What has been your favourite edition of the game? 

"The game is currently out on Steam, Playstation and XBOX. "

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