Possess Trick Or Treaters For Sweeties In Ghosts Love Candy Too

October 20, 2021 by fcostin

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Trick or treating is a holiday for humans. Dressing up in spooky attire to earn candy to subsequently make them sick by the end of the evening. Yet it is not just the humans that enjoy the holiday, as board gamers who enjoy some Halloween-themed tabletop titles, will know that Ghosts Love Candy, too.

A previous 2016 title, Ghosts Love Candy was originally released by Steve Jackson Games. Players work together to help ghosts achieve their sweet tooth on All Hallow's Eve. By possessing innocent little trick-or-treaters in search for their next candy bar, players take on the role of ghosts attempting to indulge in some delightful Halloween treats.

Ghosts Love Candy Too // 25th Century Games

Coming in 2022 - right in time for next year's spooky season, 25th Century Games are releasing Ghosts Love Candy Too. A brand new edition of greedy ghosts in search of their next treat.

The new edition makes subtle changes that benefit and expand the game system. Adding more aspects to the game such as "junk" collecting (or lack of), which surely nobody wants in their Halloween swag bag, new kids and some new ghosts with new abilities looking to try their hand at some Halloween hijacking.

Ghosts - Image Two

Box Back // Ghosts Love Candy Too

Using set collection and hand management, players will make their way through the game with ease. Whilst implementing the most appropriate scare tactics, Ghosts will be ready to haunt the innocent kiddos in hope that they will receive some tasty sweeties in return, however, scare them for too long - players can say no to the precious, precious goods.

What Halloween titles have you been playing this spooky season? 

"The new edition makes subtle changes that benefit and expand the game system..."

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