Giant Goblin’s Storm the Castle Makes it to Kickstarter

October 2, 2012 by brennon

Giant Goblin Games have finally got Storm the Castle onto Kickstarter and you can now support the game by pledging at various different levels. You all know how it works by now, so head over and pick your interest level!

Storm the Castle Logo

Above, Tom Vasel has done a preview of the game for The Dice Tower, and it should give you a good idea of the game and how it plays. Giant Goblin turned to Kickstarter looking for help producing and shipping the final version of the game and it certainly looks like a fun one!

Storm the Castle Prototype

Take a look at the video and learn what it means to be a Bad Guy in Storm the Castle! I love the semi-cooperative nature and the art design of the game is utterly astounding. Anything that is this good at this stage of production is seriously worth a closer look.

As a lover of board games I can't wait for this to hit.

Will you be pledging?

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