Give Your Easter Eggs A Bit More Bite In Incubation

April 21, 2019 by cassn

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It's Easter, so it's time to break open those eggs. Hmm...this one is a bit bitey. And warm, very warm...AGHHHHHH!


If you like your Easter more bitey than bunny, then Incubation is the game for you! High in the snow-capped mountains, explorers have discovered a large stash of colourful dragon eggs! Now, all the world is fighting to get these beautiful beasts into their possession - time to start a hatchery!


In Incubation, you are a dragon breeder trying to make your fortune by hatching dragon eggs. Collect the resources and feed them to one of four dragon types.


There are also mystery eggs and hybrids to be hatched as well and, as these dragons begin to emerge, players can fulfill their objectives and earn coins (maybe to go buy yourself some edible Easter eggs, since I wouldn't recommend taking a chunk out of these guys).


Incubation is a fun, fast, family game, suitable for those getting into the hobby for the first time who enjoy fantastical themes. Sadly, Incubation won't be released until Autumn 2019, so you'll have to sate yourself with chocolate eggs for now (that's my plan!).

Do you have a favourite chocolate Easter Egg? Tell us below!

"Time to start a hatchery!"

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