Gloomhaven Digital: Will You Be Trading Table For Monitor?

September 24, 2021 by fcostin

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For all those Dungeon Dwellers, desperate to deliver deeper amongst the darkness of Gloomhaven. Hoping a rekindle a game in sooner, but due to current events - game nights have been few and far between.

Luckily for you, if you can't meet up with your gaming friends to get a cheeky session of Gloomhaven in: October 20th 2021 sees the official release of the Digital Edition - which fans have been eagerly awaiting to be perfected. And players can game online to delve into Gloomhaven wielding a mic, mouse and keyboard to journey through.

Gloomhaven Gamplay Overview Trailer // Steam

The game is currently in early access, so if you are a fan of the board game - if you are having your arm pulled a little towards the digital version - there are some comparisons between the two that might help you form an opinion on whether to commit or stray true to the table. 

Currently, there are three different methods available to access the game - the board game version, via tabletop simulator and through early access on Steam via PC. 

Gloomhaven - Image One

Gloomhaven Board Game // Cephalofair Games

Let’s get to one of the more tedious views regarding people’s patience for Gloomhaven. When diving into this universe, expect to be sitting there for a good few hours for gameplay. Gloomhaven is an incredibly successful title, and yes - considering the depth and breadth of the game - set up is going to test a few people’s patience. Taking roughly 15-20 minutes on set-up to get organised.

Clearly, we trained tabletop gamers have been tried and tested against bigger games with more finicky components - however, if players had the option to open the box and pick up from exactly where they left off, would they be more tempted to trade in the table for the monitor?

Gloomhaven - Image Two

Gloomhaven Full Release Announcement // Steam & GOG

Upon the big computer screen, players are provided with the opportunity to have their bookkeeping and AI in place, providing a similar more cinematic experience alike the board game. However, in early access stages to the digital version, no campaign mode has been made, but that does not mean to say it is coming. Currently, players have access to a ‘Guildmaster’ mode which provides a linear approach to locations and side-quests. 

Although the experience of the game itself is similar digital aspects have been adapted to allow game mechanics to work just as easy on the screen. The currency gained in-game will work fluidly when preparing to spend your dollar. 

Gloomhaven - Image Three

Witch Doctor Artwork // Gloomhaven Digital

Players will have access to new achievements, challenges, scenarios which cannot be found in the board game. Given the momentum this release has gained during its production phase - there was sure as going to be some kind of incentive and difference between the two, to individually separate the titles. 

The multiplayer aspect works in a similar fashion to the board game, and any progress made towards the journey and adventuring is stored and saved onto the host’s machine. Again, this may change given the game is only being played in early access. 

As we approach closer to the 20th October, and the release of the digital edition of Gloomhaven arrises, it would be great to hear if any of you are tempted by the transition over. Realistically, the game mechanics of Gloomhaven would work on a digital platform, allowing the AI to take over by the computer, inventory, and progression through levels.

Will you be tempted by the Digital Release of Gloomhaven?

"Players will have access to new achievements, challenges, scenarios which cannot be found in the board game..."

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