The Glorious Gloriel Dances Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch

January 3, 2020 by brennon

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Forge World have a pretty splendid looking miniature for Wood Elf fans to pre-order this weekend as they showed off the fantastic Gloriel Summerbloom on their webstore this afternoon.

Gloriel Summerbloom #1 - Forge World

Start A Blood Bowl Team @ Store.OnTableTop

I think you could safely say that Forge World have done a blinding job with this one. I really like the dynamic nature of the sculpt and the fact that they've managed to capture a lot of what makes the Wood Elves who they are. You could imagine her perhaps leaping out of the way of a block with a smile on her face or going for that game-winning touchdown.

Gloriel Summerbloom #2 - Forge World

Here is some more on her character in the world of Blood Bowl...

"Gloriel Summerbloom is famously whimsical and carefree, even for a Wood Elf! She revels in the beauty and grace of a well-played game, though she doesn't care for the violence which everyone else seems to enjoy so much. Her fans find this refreshing, whilst her detractors find it hopelessly naive. What none dispute, however, is her almost supernatural throwing accuracy and agility on the pitch."

So, you won't be doing much of the crushing and punishing in the game with her at the head of your squad but you will be flashing between foes and looking for those pinpoint throws which get you set up for a score.

Every time I see something new on the Blood Bowl front, I am drawn towards the game once more. It, alongside Mordheim, is probably the Games Workshop game I have played the most and I think it would be superb to dive back in, perhaps with a Human team like I used to. I might even consider stretching my wings to play some knife-ears instead!

What do you think of Gloriel?

"I might even consider stretching my wings to play some knife-ears instead!"

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