Greebo Mix Chess With Fantasy in New Game Elisium

October 2, 2012 by dracs

Greebo Miniatures, makers of the great Toutatis range of fantasy football models, have announced that they will be releasing a new game which takes the familiar world of chess and turns it on its head. Elisium!

Greebo - Elisium

Greebo - Elisium Back

Elisium sees players guiding a variety of fantasy creatures across a chess board type battlefield, in the hopes of being the first to capture their opponent's Crystal square or take out all of their gaming pieces. Sounds simple enough, right?

Greebo - Elisium Mage

Greebo - Elisium Troll

Each of the fantasy creatures you control has a power level. Creatures are able to capture those pieces whose power level is lower or equal to their own, as shown in these great comic style explanations of the rules.

Greebo - Elisium Power Ranks

The only exception to this are the Pixie and the Dragon, with the Dragon being unable to capture the level 1 Pixie, while the Pixie is able to take the level 8 Dragon.

Of course, being a fantasy game, it isn't just a straight up case of which pieces each creature is able to take. Each of them possess special abilities to help you to formulate your strategy and claim victory.

Greebo - Elisium Special Abilities

All in all, the rules seem very easy to grasp. I can already see how important the ability to formulate strategy and think out the positioning of your miniatures could towards winning a game.

The game sees Greebo move away from its usual modelling  scales, using 30mm chibi style miniatures.

Greebo - Elisium Knight

Greebo - Elisium Dragon

I really like these minis. Their brilliantly cartoony appearance fits with the vibrant fantasy style of the game. The sculpts are of a level you might not normally expect to see for simple gaming pieces, I would be tempted to get these even if I wasn't to play the game.

Elisium has definitely peaked my interest. With its apparently simple rule set and vibrant art style, this could be the perfect game to help introduce your friends to the wonderful world of hobby geekdom, as well as provide an interesting alternative game if you are looking for something different to try at your gaming nights.

Do you like the look of Greebo's take on chess? What do you think of the art style and the miniatures? Be sure to drop us a comment below.

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