Green Hell Board Game Funded In First 7 Hours On Kickstarter!

September 6, 2021 by fcostin

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Fans of the video game series Green Hell better head on over to Kickstarter as the title's board game variation. Being funded in the first 7 hours of the campaign being live, the zombie survival title is being funded more and more by the second.

Green Hell: The Board Game // Kickstarter Launch Trailer

The board game takes a theme alike the video game, as players play to survive. With familiar characters from the already established franchise - players must search for the main character Jake who needs assistance looking for his family across the Amazonian Rainforest - by helping survive an eerie environment.

Players must split up across the map in hope for a search and destroy, solely looking for Jack after his quiet disappearance. Players will be designated a series of skills that varies by character to guide their way through hell and back.

Whether players want to be the first aider as the Medic, the brainy Scientist, the well-to-do Guide or survival expert - there is a challenge of replayability as players will combine skills to survive.

Green Hell: The Board Game // Creepy Jar & Galaktus Games

Inside the box, players get four different player cards and boards to match the character of choice. Along with tiles, dice, cards, tokens and everything needed to get started.

With 13 days left to go on the clock, and stretch goals being knocked down like the apocalypse is tomorrow. If you are a fan of the Green Hell franchise and want to get your hands on the tabletop version, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign before it disappears!

What video game series would you like to see on the tabletop? 

"The board game takes a theme alike the video game, as players play to survive..."

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