Grind Is Coming Back To Warmachine & Hordes With MK III!

November 4, 2016 by brennon

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Privateer Press have announced that Grind, their Fantasy Sports Game, set within the world of Warmachine & Hordes, is coming back next year with its MK III edition!


Will Hungerford talked more about the upcoming edition...

"Get ready to return to the Destructodome as Grind MK III arrives this January! Grind is a massive rules supplement for WARMACHINE and HORDES that uses the core mechanics of those games but adds so much more. In fact, it adds far more than the original Grind ever provided—things I think we can all agree we wanted back with the original.

What are those things you ask? Oh, you know . . . stuff like warjack teams AND warbeast teams, cross-Faction team compositions, unique coach models that run up and down the sideline chucking spells into the arena, all new Grind arenas to battle in, freaking LEAGUE RULES to play entire seasons and championships, experience points, upgrades, injuries, earning money, hiring and firing team members, gaining sponsorships, new power attacks, and lots and LOTS of destruction."

Here's how the game looked before giving you a taster of what lies ahead for the game next year.

Grind (Old)

It all sounds very exciting and it makes sense to get stuck into the world of Fantasy sports while its popular at the moment. The Warmachine & Hordes take on it has passed me by however but maybe you folks can fill us in.

Let us know what you think!

"Get ready to return to the Destructodome as Grind MK III arrives this January!"

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