Grow Your Finest Civilisation In Super Meeple’s Genesia

January 17, 2020 by brennon

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Super Meeple has its sights set on a game of civilisation building and history that can be played in a short time frame. Genesia is on the horizon for later this year, penned by designer Eric Labouze.

Genesia - Super Meeple

The game is played out over three ages and uses a selection of mechanics including a card-drafting system. The ages correspond (more or less) to the Ancient, Medieval and Modern eras of mankind. Through each phase of an age, Growth, Expansion, Attack and End, you will use the cards to activate their powers and use them to your benefit.

Genesia Layout - Super Meeple

As you might imagine, Growth is focused around recruiting to your clans in their cities. Expansion is all about moving across the board and claiming regions as your own. Attack involves clashes between your different civilisations and whilst it seems like it would always focus on just warfare there is an element of peace in there too when both players can come to an agreement.

Finally, you have the End phase where you will be able to try and bring an age to an end and move forward, gaining progress points for doing so. You will then score more points for occupied regions, places abundant in resources and more. There is a lot more to the game which you can delve into HERE.

Are you tempted by another game of civilisation building?

"Are you tempted by another game of civilisation building?"

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