Grow Lush Forests With Horrible Guild’s Evergreen Board Game

May 20, 2022 by brennon

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Horrible Guild, the creators of the beautifully relaxing (and mechanically satisfying) Railroad Ink, are back with a new board game. Evergreen is set for release later this year and puts you in charge of a planet that you need to turn into a lush biosphere.

Evergreen Cover - Horrible Guild

Evergreen Cover // Horrible Guild

Designed by Hjalmar Hach and featuring beautiful art from Wenyi Geng, Evergreen is an abstract "tree growing" board game where you will have to cultivate different biomes on your board. Each time you do, you'll plant sprouts, grow your trees and use lakes to empower your greenery.

Evergreen Gameplay - Horrible Guild

Evergreen Gameplay // Horrible Guild

During your turn, you will pick a biome card from those on offer (pictured lower right - above) and this tells you which biome you'll be able to grow trees in that round. You can do all manner of things when it comes to cultivating the biome but you also have to make sure that you create links and create combos in order to score big points.

Any cards you don't take during a turn can then be used to determine how many points you score during a round. So, you have to balance building up your biome whilst also thinking about keeping back cards to score big.

Evergreen Overview // Horrible Guild

You'll want to keep your trees close to each other to score big, but you need to make sure that trees don't overshadow each other when it comes to soaking in the sun's rays. In keeping with the theme, Evergreen is designed with components that are as sustainable as possible and the game supports Trees For The Future!

I think this sounds like it could be really good fun. Both relaxing and charming whilst also having a neat degree of strategy to it. Just what I like most!

Are you going to be keeping an eye on Evergreen?

"Both relaxing and charming whilst also having a neat degree of strategy to it.."

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