Grow Your Own Forest of Serenity in the Forests of Pangaia Kickstarter

June 18, 2021 by fcostin

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Has it been a week since I last found a chilled and zen environmentally friendly board game that is up on Kickstarter? My word! It has! The game this week has caught my eye, has already been sealed with the approval of Sunday Board Game Fluffy Sock Sesh. Funded in 5 hours, Forests of Pangaia. A game of strategy where players must grow the magical, fictional forest within the lands of Pangaia.

Forests of Pangaia // Pangaia Games

Players will take the role of a spirit who takes refuge in the forest. Sent on a mission from Mother Earth herself, Gaia. This mission pitched to the little spirit is to expand life in the world, taking the viewpoint of Gaia in mind.

2-4 players will need to put their heads together to make sure they are making the correct strategic choices, to ensure nature does not bite back. Gaia will set objectives in the form of rituals to harness the energy Gaia has embedded, and it will be down to the player to unleash this power, pushing the world into harmony or into a state of decay.

Forests of Pangaia // Pangaia Games

How players choose to grow their forest is at their own strategy and wit. Players will need to push for territory in the land, whether that means working together politely or bullying your way through! This will result in how your forest atmosphere settles. Whether you want a harmonious vibe of silence and serenity. Or a more social environment that has been enhanced through engagement with other players.

There are a good few stretch goals to be unlocked, mostly with component upgrades such as the box and cards. But, there are also Community goals too, providing new cards to add into the mix.

Considering the ancient lands of which the magical forest resides is named Pangaia, can we hope to see more of this beautiful and magical natural world? The Mountains of Pangaia maybe? Or the Oceans of Pangaia. This is a world I am very much interested in, and am excited to watch it grow and see where the designers may take it next.

The Kickstarter Campaign has 27 days left to go, and was funded within the first five hours of the campaign being live. The board game looks incredibly calming, and I am looking forward to seeing more of Forests of Pangaia on the tabletop.

What do you think of this Kickstarter Concept? 

"How players choose to grow their forest is at their own strategy and wit."

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