Guillotine Games Showcases First HATE Miniatures

December 12, 2017 by brennon

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Guillotine Games and CMON have been previewing more of the models for the world of HATE, based on the artwork and designs of Adrian Smith. Take a look at some of the Warriors they've been talking about over on their Facebook Page for the game.

HATE Warrior #1

All of these models represent members of your tribe that you will take into the different clashes on the tabletop. They will all have interesting and evolving playstyles for you to master as you get them stuck into bloodthirsty combat on the tabletop.

HATE Warrior #2

It's once again great to see that CMON and Guillotine Games have managed to capture that fantastic look of the artwork that Adrian Smith has designed and bought it to life in these early sculpts. I think they all look like they're going to be a joy to paint too, and you're going to need gallons of blood I reckon.

HATE Warrior #3

Each of these characters will have their own battlefield role. These warriors are all from the Um'Gra Tribe and appear to revel in the heat of battle, feeding off the damage they receive and deal out.

It isn't just these bloodthirsty warriors they've shown off though as they also showcased this Shaman from the Um'Gra Tribe as well who works as a support on the battlefield, giving you additional aid and keeping you in the fight.

HATE Shaman

Look for the Kickstarter for this game to hit January 16th at 3PM EST in 2018. We'll be keeping an eye on these previews to see how the other tribes are shaping up too.

What do you think of their model designs so far?

"...they've shown off though as they also showcased this Shaman from the Um'Gra Tribe"

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