Guillotine Games Take Zombicide Fantastical With Black Plague

April 8, 2015 by brennon

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Guillotine Games have revealed that the next step in world domination for their undead filled board game Zombicide is to take it back in time to a new Fantasy realm with Black Plague!

Zombicide Black Plague

As you might imagine this new iteration of the game puts you slap bang in the middle of an infested city while the denizens of the local graveyard come out to tear you limb from limb thanks to the machinations of an evil Necromancer.

The Heroes & Villains

First up we have some of the artwork showing off both the heroes and the villains of the piece...

Black Plague Heroes

Black Plague Zombies

As you can see above Humans, Dwarves, Elves and a whole wealth of classes will be fighting off the zombie hordes who look typically horrifying in the Zombicide style. It will be cool to see how the new classes and their different powers work on the tabletop and how different of an experience this is now you HAVE to go into combat more or less to kill your foes.

Maps & Weapons

It wouldn't be Zombicide without a wealth of tiles to check out and a myriad of different options for slaughter either. You'll be running through the streets and delving into forgotten secret tombs in an effort to stop the Necromancers...

Black Plague Tiles

Black Plague Weapons

This could well be the one version of Zombicide that I'm actually interested in. I had other board games that did the modern day zombie thing a lot better but since this is back in a realm of Fantasy I could see myself being very drawn to what is essentially a dungeon crawl.

You'll be able to see this on Kickstarter by the end of May.

What do you think?

"This could well be the one version of Zombicide that I'm actually interested in!"

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