HEL: The Last Saga Launches On Kickstarter From Mythic Games

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Mythic Games has now hit Kickstarter with their newest campaign, HEL: The Last Saga. This narrative tabletop adventure takes you on a dark and terrible journey through a Norse-inspired epic where nothing is quite what it seems.

HEL The Last Saga Cover Image - Mythic Games

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The game works with between one-to-four players and has you heading off to an island shrouded in mist and fog. Deep within the woods, the first expedition seems to have faded into the darkness and you now take on the role of thirteen companions who are making sense of what happened. Have you found your Valhalla or is there something darker happening in the background which has twisted the minds of all involved?

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The game features miniatures for all of the companions in the game plus dozens of miniatures to represent the various creatures that you will be encountering in the woods. The core of the game, however, works around the game tiles and board which represent the island that you're exploring and the camp which you're using to make a home here in the shadows.

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Throughout the game, you'll be playing both a resource gathering and camp management game where you try and survive the deadly threats around you whilst also venturing off to find out what lies beyond the fires of your camp. This is where the Treetops ones strike and take the form of the wild characters that you see above.

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As well as all of the resource gathering and battles against the shadowy creatures of the island you'll also be playing a heavily narrative-focused game. There are hundreds and hundreds of paragraphs of text which you'll be reading through in a choose your own adventure style. Much like with other storytelling games of its ilk, your choices and consequences will have an effect on the tale going forward.

It is important to explain that the game is not a Legacy game even though it has a lot of elements of gameplay which fall into that category. Everything can be reused to tell different stories to see how things unfold in multiple playthroughs. Maybe different companions will survive, maybe you'll uncover more secrets and perhaps you'll reach a different ending.

A Nordic Saga With A Twist

One of the elements of the game that I am particularly fond of is the way the characters mirror much of the Norse world that is familiar to us but with a twist. HEL: The Last Saga is very much a game about exploring these characters, their motivations, and what has brought them here to this place. Everyone feels like they've come from a typical saga but in somewhat of an uncanny way.

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This is then mirrored against the very literal threat of the forest which seems to be coming to life and hunting down our poor unfortunate companions. I think it is going to be fascinating to see how the story unfolds and what the inevitable end for these souls is going to be. I have a feeling that considering the game's name, it might not be the nicest of conclusions.

Are you tempted to dive in and explore more about HEL: The Last Saga as Mythic Games take to the crowdfunding giant?

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