Go Hog Wild With Helga & Chums In Privateer’s Riot Quest

March 31, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been adding some new releases into the mix for those playing Riot Quest. Three new characters and a new location to play games on have been popping up and we start with the very cool looking Helga On Wheels.

Helga On Wheels - Riot Quest

Here is some of the background on the rather quirky looking Helga...

"Don’t ever tell Helga that she’s not fast ’cause then she’s gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that she is. Helga is a Scout class Hero who has unmatched mobility. As the only Hero capable of moving twice in one turn, Helga can burn rubber and speed through the Arena to land a nasty blow to enemies with her spiked bat."

She seems like she would be a lot of fun to throw into the game and because of her movement potential, she should be quite the headache to deal with on the tabletop. Regardless of her gameplay potential, she would be great to paint!

Next up we're moving to two unpainted previews but characters which are no less fun. First up we have Chuck Dogwood.

Chuck Dogwood - Riot Quest

Now this fellow looks rather off-the-wall! Here is some of the background on the character and how he might be used in-game...

"How much wood would Chuck Dogwood chuck if Chuck Dogwood could chuck wood? You’ll never know—because he’ll teleport your keister into the sun. Chuck is a Guard-class Hero who specializes in teleportation...just not with great accuracy. Like all Guards, Chuck can help provide Cover to other heroes in his Crew, but he can also Teleport them across the Arena to a random Treasure Beacon. Similarly, any enemy Chuck manages to hit with his staff is also teleported away to a random Beacon. So, if you’re looking for a hero who adds an aura of controlled unpredictability, Chuck is your man."

The fact that he is able to knock those that he hits around the tabletop sounds like something utterly silly and yet a lot of fun. It might not turn out in your favour but it will certainly get your opponent thinking again about their tactics.

Finally, we've got The Terrorizer.

The Terrorizer - Riot Quest

Four arms means four times the pain and I do like the little nod towards a certain bunch of mutant turtles!

"What has four arms and wants revenge for a thousand years of suffering inflicted on his kind? Two smaller normal dudes…or this guy. The Terrorizer is a Fighter-class Hero packed to the gills with weapons. Capable of making both melee and ranged attacks in a single turn, this li'l guy can lay down big hurt. Additionally, when an enemy super damages him, The Terrorizer’s rage makes them pay for their transgression"

This set of new characters shows how Riot Quest could be a lot of fun to pick up and collect. With such a range of different characters to pick from and each of them looking so unique, you'd have fun painting them up and not get bored I reckon!

Lootin' The Landscape

As well as the new characters, the team at Privateer Press also released a new Hullgrinder Fabric Playmat which you can use as a change of scenery.

Hullgrinder Playmat - Riot Quest

Getting stuck into a clash atop these ships would make for a very different encounter. This is especially so when you see the way in which it has been set up with those narrow walkways between boats.

"Named for a massive predatory fish that wrecks ships all over the Iron Kingdoms, the Hullgrinder Islands located in the straits of Five Fingers have become the last stop for many an unwary vessel. Forever locked in combat by the rocks that pierce their hulls, two loot-laden galleons await your party to plunder! But keep a weather-eye open, for where there be booty, there be bandits, waiting to steal it right out from under you!"

It would be very interesting to see how much gameplay changes based on this new map location. Are you tempted by this new selection of goodies for Riot Quest and if so, which hero are you going to pick up?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you tempted by this new selection of goodies for Riot Quest and if so, which hero are you going to pick up?"

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