Take Heroes Back With Call To Adventure’s Epic Origins

November 30, 2021 by fcostin

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Brotherwise Games are on the last legs of their Kickstarter campaign with Epic Origins, with less than three days to go on the clock - it is time for players to expand on their Call to Aventure in this standalone experience. Players will head back to the root of a hero, and with a title as gleaming as “Epic Origins”, what part of our heroes destiny are we writing in this standalone? Starting from the very beginning.

Epic Origins - Image Two

Epic Origins // Brotherwise Games

Players will still thematically be playing into the same journey that they have begun on Brotherwise Games titles, however instead of utilising cards to build a character - players will need to evolve their marks in time through a cooperative adventure.

1-4 players will journey off into Epic Origins as merely a novice, belonging to a beloved fantasy race. The hero will need to decide on their Class, and level them up with the game focusing solely on our hero. With new challenges and destinies to meet, it is the players choice in where to build their character.

All this effort into a character and you want to try them out in the big bad world? The game provides a 5E character conversion guide too, to gear them up and take them into a world of wonder through an RPG perspective.

Heritage Cards // Epic Origins

Epic Origins contains everything that 1-4 players need for unlimited hero crafting fun, but is also 100% compatible with the original Call to Adventure and expansions. The game will include a multi-session Campaign mode with unlockable content and evolving Adversary cards. It even includes a 5E character conversion guide, allowing players to take the heroes they create directly into their next RPG session!

The Kickstarter campaign has less than three days left on the clock. The initial target has already been met and blown out of the water. With all stretch goals unlocked so far and many a different pledge to dip into.

What do you think of the new Call to Adventure chapter?

"1-4 players will journey off into Epic Origins as merely a novice, belonging to a beloved fantasy race..."

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