Hike, Bike & Kayak Across ‘Puzzly’ Pathways In Trailblazers

August 17, 2022 by fcostin

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For those who enjoy a mountainous hike, a two-wheeled jaunt across meadows or putting a paddle to the soothing waters encased in a kayak, there is a Kickstarter bringing fans of the outdoors a chance of nature exploration from the comforts of their own home.

Trailblazers Kickstarter Preview - Bitewing Games

Trailblazers Kickstarter Preview // Bitewing Games

Trailblazers from Bitewing Games transports 1-8 players from their tabletop and into the vast outdoors, thrusting those keen on exploration and adventure into the stunning scope of wilderness. Players must settle their camp and explore exciting trails by equipping hiking boots, bikes or river paddles.

Across charted trails, players will be heading out for expeditions and treks in the name of Wanderlust. Exploring different environments, players will place down their base camp and begin to draft their journey. Placing down cards that represent the trails, players will be attempting to score loops across the bike track, pathway and river, returning back safely to camp by the end of the journey.

Gameplay Preview - Trailblazers

Gameplay Preview // Trailblazers

The longer the path, the greater the chance to score. But players must adapt their pathways to a continuous line to ensure they're not stuck out in the wilderness!

Alongside the main game, there are several different ways to play. Including adapting the playstyle for three unique solo voyages, and two different expansions. The Animals expansion brings animal meeple into the mix - scoring extra points for placed animals when wandering the woods, and the Adventures Expansion encourages players to be one step ahead of the journey to ensure a smooth adventure. All rules are available to download on the campaign page.

Animals Expansion - Trailblazers

Animals Expansion // Trailblazers

There are several different pledges depending on how deep you want to adventure. Starting with the print-and-play edition at £9, and up to the physical deluxe edition containing the base game and expansions for £66.

All cards are waterproof, and given the small size of the box - make a perfect travel companion. Especially on your own hike! It is wonderful to combine two hobbies together, especially during some downtime in the tent after a hike of your own.

Trailblazers from Bitewing Games is still pretty fresh to crowdfunding and was funded in the first 90 minutes of the campaign going live. There are still 29 days on the clock, bringing the best that Bitewing Games can offer, encapsulating upgrades as part of all that pledge, and not locked into any stretch goals.

What do you think of Trailblazers? 

"Players must settle their camp and explore exciting trails by equipping hiking boots, bikes or river paddles..."

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