Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Kickstarter Storms Through Funding Goal

September 7, 2018 by brennon

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The Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Kickstarter is going, as you might expect, quite well. Steamforged Games has managed to smash through its funding goal and Stretch Goals are the name of the day right now.

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Main - Steamforged Games

The game is a one-to-four player game which sees you taking on the role of Hunters who are heading out into the wilderness to hunt down the various machines that wander the land. The game is semi-cooperative so whilst there is an element of working together here there's also a competitive side to it all.

Horizon Zero Dawn Hunters - Steamforged Games

One of the fascinating things raised during the discussion on gameplay is that if one of your Hunters were to fall, the whole game is lost. So, you have to balance your own hunt against protecting your comrades at the same time.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay - Steamforged Games

The game brings to the tabletop both tactical miniatures play and deck-building and follows a lot of what made the game so successful. Each of the Hunters plays differently according to their tribal strengths and you can either go full on, smashing machines apart in combat, or sneak up on them and use stealth to your advantage.

Each machine will also have its own strengths and weakness too which you can exploit during the different scenarios.

Horizon Zero Dawn Robot - Steamforged Games

If you are able to bring down the most machines before the end of a scenario you will have earned the praise of the Hunter's Lodge and be declared the winner.

The BIG Pledge

Steamforged Games has condensed the options for this game down into a one-pledge option alongside a range of expansions. But, all of the content for the main game is collected into a single massive pledge as you'll see below.

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Pledge - Steamforged Games

It is, fairly massive, and there is more and more getting added into the mix with each pledge that cracks a stretch goal.

Has this game grabbed your attention or are you going to be giving it a miss? Whilst I like the idea of the game I can't help but worry about ANOTHER mountain of plastic for someone to get stuck into. Most folks aren't going to paint all of this, especially if you were just a fan of the video game, but it is a lot to get your head around.

Let us know below...

"Has this game grabbed your attention or are you going to be giving it a miss?"

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