Horseymans & The Forsaken Arrive In Privateer’s Riot Quest

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been adding more characters and contraptions into their quirky miniature skirmish game Riot Quest this month. There are some oddball entries for the end of May and beginning of June, starting with Feora The Forsaken.

Feora The Forsaken - Riot Quest.jpg

Fighting With Feora The Forsaken

It's always nice to have an armoured badass in your midst when you're looking to take on all-comers in Riot Quest. She has a rather terrifying looking blade in her one hand which seems ready to blaze through anyone who stands in her way.

"Feora the Forsaken is a Fighter Class Hero that is pure offense and helps nearby allies hit better in melee as well. Thanks to her Flank ability, she lowers the defense of enemies near her against melee attacks, and at the cost of randomly discarding a Gear card, she (and nearby allies) can reroll the dice when making melee attacks."

Riot Quest has been a really neat option for Privateer Press to further stretch their creative muscles and do something different with all the notable factions and such from the world of Warmachine & Hordes.

The Four Horseymans

No, that's not a typo. This is the name of another of the big miniatures coming to Riot Quest this time around. Fear the coming of The Four Horseymans!

The Four Horseymans - Riot Quest.jpg

This is a rather odd little addition to the world of Riot Quest but they do have their uses when it comes to a scrap...

"The Four Horseymans is a Fighter Class Hero with powerful melee offense and Riot Gear disruption utility. Thanks to its unique weapon “Apocawypse,” when the Four Horseymans hits an enemy Hero, its opponent must discard a Riot Gear card from their hand at random!"

Why wouldn't you want a set of very weird and quirky creatures with horrifying horse heads bobbing around?


Another of the fun new miniatures for this particular set of releases is the Mekanoshredder. This clanking contraption is something a bit different for you to consider dropping into your games.

Mekanoshredder - Riot Quest

Here is how this particular miniature works in your games...

"Mekanoshredder is a Guard Class Hero with a fair amount of versatility and utility for any Crew. The little monster can gain a player Loot tokens just for hitting enemies, and it’s capable of rerolling multiple dice when attacking or rigging bounties based on how many Gear cards the player has in their discard pile."

So, dive in and let this clanking piece of trash roll across the tabletop chomping at everything in its way. I think you'd have a lot of fun painting this up to match its classic Warmachine faction whilst also doing something a little different too.

What do you make of these new releases for Riot Quest?

"Fear the coming of The Four Horseymans!"

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