IELLO’s Flyin’ Goblin Tosses Poor Greenskins Into Peril

November 5, 2019 by brennon

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IELLO was showing off a new game at SPIEL this year which was all about throwing goblins into peril and crashing through castles. Take a look at Flyin' Goblin here which is slated for a release next year in 2020.

Flyin Goblins - IELLO

The game looks absolutely mad and awesome at the same time. There isn't much to go on right now but it looks like you've got a little catapult which is able to toss your goblins into the castle where they then pick up gold and diamonds from within its bowels.

You can then spend your earnings to add extra troops into your roster or even build up a totem which you're looking to keep intact for extra points. This seems like a lot of good fun and not so dextrous that I would suck at it incredibly. It seems like a neat convention game for sure.

What do you think?

"It seems like a neat convention game for sure..."

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