Impact Miniatures! Board Games and Miniatures Released

August 12, 2011 by brennon

Impact Miniatures! are releasing two games and a host of nice looking miniatures. Check out Dunger Derby below...

Dunger Derby is a board game for family and young children where you race your insane hogs around the board trying to get through the gates before the others to win.

Forceball on the other hand is a frantic card game for 2 players where you tackle, dribble and use all manner of cards to win the game. It is also a self contained card game so no collectible element here, a good point in my books!

Also from them we have some new models.

Some Nuthin' But Net 'beastmen' in all shapes and sizes, and below a complete Volmarian Dwarves team.

Not bad, but what do you guys think?

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