Japanese Board Game Favourite Gains Sequel; Machi Koro 2!

July 8, 2021 by fcostin

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It is time to roll your way into a sequel! The incredibly popular city-building, dice-rolling game is getting its second instalment with Machi Koro 2, from Pandasaurus Games. Adding an extra layer to the flawless gameplay, available to pre-order now ready for the release this Autumn.

Machi Koro 2 // Pandasaurus Games

If you haven't played the first Machi Koro, players have been rewarded the title of Mayor for their own quaint little town. To grow this town, they will need to grow the wealth of shops, restaurants and attractions by rolling the dice and taking location cards. As these cards are from a shared pool, players will be competing against one another to complete their renovations the fastest, and have a completed town in place. Ready for the red carpet!

According to the recent press release, outsourced by Pandasaurus Games, the sequel - Machi Koro 2 promised to instil the current and popular ruleset, but "deepen" the gameplay.

"Players will complete three initial building rounds where they spend coins to choose the first buildings in their little towns. Landmarks also work different, as they each have unique effects and can be built in any order, but each one you build gets more expensive."

Machi Koro 2 // Pandasaurus Games

If you pre-order Machi Koro 2 on the Pandasaurus Games website, you will be rewarded with three cheeky pre-order exclusive cards, including a City Hall. Providing you with some extra landmark cards which will not be available when the game hits the shelves for retail release.

If you did want to take a deeper look at these said welcomed changes to the sequel, the rulebook is available to download here. So make sure you take a peek at the evolution of the game since the base game release in 2012.

Have you played Machi Koro before?

"Machi Koro 2 promised to instil the current and popular ruleset, but "deepen" the gameplay..."

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