Jasco Games Working On Captain Canuck Board Game

July 2, 2019 by brennon

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Jasco Games celebrated yesterday's Canada Day with the announcement that they are going to be working on a new board game featuring everyone's favourite maple syrup drinking superhero, Captain Canuck.

Captain Canuck - Jasco Games

Captain Canuck is a real superhero from the comic book world. He was originally around as a hero back in 1975 and has now been revamped by Chapterhouse. He is now a hero in charge of the Equilibrium agency and regularly finds himself engaged in battle with the nefarious Mr Gold and Blue Fox.

Jasco Games are looking to have a game hit Kickstarter at the end of July and from what we're seeing here, those miniatures for the game should turn out great. It's worth keeping an eye on this if the gameplay turns out to be fun.

Regardless of if you get stuck in on this one, it was a cool way to give the nod to Canadians this week!

Have you read any Captain Canuck? 

"...it was a cool way to give the nod to Canadians this week!"

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